About Our Alternators

Important Information

If you attempt to run a new high amperage alternator with a stock battery, this could cause voltage drop which will negatively impact the amount of voltage delivered by the alternator. Please be sure to have a strong battery, a good ground, proper wiring, and the correct size belt. We recommend 0 gauge wire and a smaller belt because each alternator comes with an overdrive pulley which is smaller than the factory pulley.

AD244 Alternators

The AD244 is one of the most common alternators on the market, and provides an awesome amount of power. It puts out up to 320 amps, and depending on RPM, will produce between 160 and 180 amps at idle. Powder coating can be done for an additional $15.

Hairpin Alternators/Stators

One thing we take pride in is our hairpin style alternators. This alternator ranges between 300 and 400 amps depending on the vehicle. Although these are still a newer style alternator, they are still able to replace many older style alternators and give you double the amperage! If you are unsure if yours can be replaced, please contact us.

We professionally hand wind our stators, and you can be certain you won’t be disappointed. All stators can be painted any color you want.

Overdrive Pulleys

Every alternator purchased from us will come with a 6-Groove overdrive pulley installed. This helps the alternator turn on and charge at a higher amperage at idle. Always make sure the belt is lined up with the pulley when installing the alternator – this will keep your alternator functioning properly without the belt moving around as it tries to align itself correctly.

Don’t worry, they’ll fit

Every alternator you’re quoted is a direct bolt-on, which means it will always bolt on exactly like your factory alternator because we build each in the factory style housings, and it will also plug right into the factory harness. If your stock alternator can interchange with one of our hairpin style alternators you’ll be quoted for it. We will let you know the pricing for the factory style alternator, the replacement hairpin style alternator, and the  amperage differences to be sure you get exactly what you’re looking for.