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Franky’s 240A alt Review

“After almost a week of having this beautiful work of art in my vehicle I can firmly and truly say what a bad ass alternator it is. I’ve sat in my driveway and at red lights with my stereo full tilt (full volume) and not dropped below 13.6 volts which is amazing considering the size of my amplifier (DD M4a and) before the Apex Alternators was put in I would drop below 12 volts sometimes into the high 11s. This alternator has drastically made a difference and Nick was an amazing person too work with. When adding my second alternator I will choose him again his customer service was unable paralleled and even when I had a problem he fixed it and answered every single question without hesitation sometimes even late at night. Thanks apex alternators and Nick for the great service and product.”

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240a alt

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@bangin_bros (IG) Review

Ok so as y’all know I have a 320a from Apex and with my old 250 alt, I could drop to the low 12s while demoing. And now with my new Alt from Apex, my voltage hasn’t been under 13.5 all week! And it shoots back up to 14+ when I turn the knob down. So would I buy from Apex again??? Yes. And I plan to run multiples in the future and possibly letting the #BroRunner get one. So make your own choice, do you, but I’m just here to say that for the price and built quality, I am happy with my purchase. And my system is happy that I can hold 13.5v at idle at full tilt vs dropping to 11.8 on the 250a, with just a direct swap.

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Jason’s 270A alt Review

“Bought a 270 amp alt from apex alternator and man that thing is a beast I am running 2 skar sk3500.1 and 4 skar ddx15 and at idle it is putting 15. Volts and at full tilt it is 14.1 thanks Nicholas Starks for the badass alt”

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